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ArtBalance by Franziska Balcaen launched in 2003 with a mission to share her passion for contemporary art with fellow collectors and art enthusiasts. Franziska's carefully selected team of notable art consultants advises major corporate clients as well as discerning private collectors. She works closely with national and international artists, galleries, independent dealers, and curators to offer clients a breadth of resources.


advisory. We assist private and corporate clients with acquisitions of new works on a commission basis. We advise on resale strategies, curate and install shows in corporate and private spaces.

art adventures. We arrange monthly Art Adventures in Southern California. Join us on visits to artist studios, trending galleries, museums, and private collections. The emphasis is on gaining an in-depth understanding of the works viewed through an intimate dialogue with the artist and/or curator, among a community of contemporary art enthusiasts.

Previous Adventures include: the studios of Lisa Adams, Lita Albuquerque, Charles Arnoldi, Woods Davy, Danielle Eubank, Bobbie Moline-Kramer, Lee Silton and Nicola Wood, among many others. Collection visits include: The Eli Broad Art Foundation, Frederick R. Weisman Foundation, the Jonathan Club, the California Club, and several private collections.

VIP experiences may be arranged for a customized Art Adventure. We will plan an itinerary based on your preferences and taste.

discovery. We take pride in our ability to discover and champion new artists. Stay tuned for updates of emerging talents.

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Franziska Balcaen Franziska Balcaen discovered her love of art – contemporary art specifically – while living in Lucerne, Switzerland. She curated and managed the Galerie Guetsch at the Chateau Guetsch, where she was an advocate for emerging and mid-career artists from around the world. Curating exciting exhibitions at the Galerie Guetsch, Franziska consistently introduced new works to local and international audiences and was influential in advancing many artists' careers.

Franziska moved to Los Angeles from her Swiss homeland where she started ArtBalance as an independent art broker, and continued her work connecting up-and-coming artists with collectors and galleries. An avid traveler, she extensively scouts domestic and international art venues. These excursions are what sparked the idea for Art Adventures. Formerly reserved for collector clients only, Franziska now extends the same personalized approach and exclusive insight into the artist's studio and personal process to art groups nationally and internationally.